A passage to Lough Neagh & a gateway to the Glens.

Public Tour

Newferry to Church Island

Hop aboard ‘The Goddess’ for a 45 minute round trip from Newferry and on to Lough beg! Leaving Newferry, a site famed for it’s water sports activities, you will gently cruise along the Lower Bann taking in the stunning sights and sound this majestic River has to offer.

Snap some photos of the native wildlife such as the celebrated whooping swans as they build their nests along the banks of the Bann or spot some of the other birdlife that is unique to this area. The tour reaches it’s crescendo at the world famous church island, a small island renowned for it’s historical background and literary prominency.

Start Location: Newferry

Duration: 45 Minutes

Disembark: Newferry