Experience Northern Ireland's heritage, culture, and wildlife on private & public boat tours

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Public Tour

Discover Antrim Bay: Embark on a scenic boat trip across Lough Neagh

Casting off from the Marina at Antrim’s Lough Shore, we sail down the Sixmile river, embarking on a scenic tour of Antrim Bay on  the Northern shores of Lough Neagh, part of the largest inland freshwater lake in the British Isles.

Hear stories of Vikings, Normans and Saint Patrick as we pass the old torpedo platform which is now a bird sanctuary, on to Shanes castle, then crossing towards Ardmore before returning to the Six Mile Water ending our relaxing, scenic boat trip on Lough Neagh.

At Antrim Lough shore Complex you can enjoy a short walk upstream to the Castle Gardens or along the Lough Shore  trail through Greys Wood. Why not visit the Gateway centre and Boathouse restaurant, or just get a selfie with “the Protector of the Lough”

Start Location: Sixmile Water Jetty Lough Shore Antrim Length of tour: 50 minutes Disembark: Sixmile Water Jetty Lough Shore Antrim
Public Tour

Portglenone Forest and Beyond: Unforgettable boat trip experiences await

River Bann Tours will welcome you aboard our boat at the Portglenone Bridge Jetty beside the Wild Duck.

After casting off, we will cruise upstream on a relaxing journey through Portglenone Forest, have your cameras ready for the stunning scenery, water sports enthusiasts as well as the wildlife. Enjoy the tranquillity as the River Bann winds its way through the forest before emerging to the surrounding countryside.

We turn around before Newferry and gently make our way back to Portglenone.

Start Location: Portglenone Bridge Jetty beside the Wild Duck Length of tour: 45 Minutes Disembark: Portglenone Bridge Jetty beside the Wild Duck
Public Tour

Evening Boat Trips: Portglenone to Lough Beg, ideal for groups & families

One of the best times to be out on a boat, is the hour before sunset!

Hop aboard, relax, and enjoy the calm and stunning views as the sun sets on the surrounding countryside and river, let our crew take care of everything else.

Whether you are a keen photographer, or you just want to enjoy the natural world during these quieter moments, join us and take advantage of the sun setting in a stunning location!

Fingers crossed for a beautiful sunset over Church Island.

Treasure every memorable view before relishing the sun setting with a glass of prosecco and some chocolate dipped fruit.

On a calm evening, a boat trip along the river is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day.

Ideal for couples, family groups, hen and  stag parties, or a private charter (max 12 passengers)

River Bann Evening tours will recommence Late April or early May, call the office for more details or to book.

Our sunset sailing cruise along the Lower River Bann to Lough Beg passing Church Island with a welcome drink and some snacks.

Minimum of 6 passengers,

(This trip can be facilitated from Ballyronan and around Toome Bay, or from The Loughshore  Antrim and around Antrim Bay, subject to weather conditions)

Start Location: Portglenone Marina Jetty Length of tour: 2 hours Disembark: Portglenone Marina Jetty
Private Tour

Through the Lock Gates & Lock to Lough Experience

With five sets of navigation lock gates on the Lower River Bann, Toome, Portna, Movanagher, Carnroe and Castleroe, we offer the chance  experience a unique event.

As you approach the Lock gates, meet the Lock Keeper and hear about the heritage associated with the locks along the Lower River Bann, a brief overview of the management of water levels in the region and the controls required to ensure safe passage to and from Lough Neagh.

At Toome Canal, you’ll be welcomed onboard to a memorable experience, From Lock to Lough. Along this tranquil section of canal, immerse yourself in the beauty of this now quiet waterway, which at one time would have been a busy industrial thoroughfare.

The remaining journey along the canal, as it opens onto the wide expanse of Lough Neagh, will take your breath away!

Call the office to book this fabulous boat trip.

Start Location: Toome Canal Jetty Length of tour: 60 Minutes Disembark: Toome Canal Jetty
Public Tour

Boat Trips on the River Bann, Toome to Church Island

Hop aboard  for a 45 minute boat trip from Toome Canal, joining the Lower River Bann, on to Lough beg before turning at Church Island returning to Toome!

Leaving the tranquil waters of the Toome Canal, join the Lower River Bann go under the old bridge passing the Eel fishery, then you will gently cruise under the new blue bridge taking in the stunning sights and sounds this majestic River has to offer.

See the foliage and the native wildlife such as the celebrated whooping swans,  Herons, Egrets and many other birds as they build their nests along the banks of the Bann or spot some of the other wildlife that is unique to this area. The tour reaches it’s crescendo at the world famous church island, a small island renowned for it’s historical background and literary prominence.

Keep a watch full eye you may see Salmon and other fish jumping out of the water and curious farm animals as you pass by.

You can also book this trip to depart from Newferry, sailing to Church Island and back to Newferry, call the office to book.

Start Location: Toome Canal Jetty Length of tour: 45 Minutes Disembark: Toome Canal Jetty